Foster Parent Prayers

May is National Foster Care month. If you’ve ever visited my blog, you know that foster care is a personal passion for me for many reasons. I spent time in the foster care system as a child and my husband and I are currently licensed foster parents. In addition, we have adopted children from foster care.

Parenting kids that have been exposed to the trauma that is typical in foster care situations is challenging, rewarding, exhausting and fun, all at the same time. I am brought to my knees daily by the magnitude of the responsibility and the realization that I can’t give these precious kids what they need apart from the strength and grace of Jesus Christ.

There are many unknowns in the foster care journey. The fate of children you love and the biological parents you are rooting for is completely out of your control. Judges, case managers, guardians ad litem, CASA workers, counselors, and biological parents make decisions that directly impact your life and more importantly, the life of the child you have come to love, often without your input. Prayer is often times the only option when worried about the outcome of a case or the upcoming court date.

Whether you care for children big or small, temporarily or forever, what you do is eternally important. The time in your home plants seeds in the child’s heart. Seeds of love, acceptance, mercy, compassion, discipline, values and most importantly, seeds of faith.

Will you join me in the month of May as we pray for the children in your care?

Each day I will post a prayer, based on Scripture, to be prayed over the children in your care, the children that have left your home but still have a place in your heart, the children sitting in shelters and group homes waiting for placement and the children recently reunited with their biological families.

I am convinced that there is nothing more powerful than prayer. These children, from infants to teens, deserve foster parents that care enough to intercede on their behalf through prayer to the One that loves them even more than we do.



The prayers will be posted on Instagram @melissasmallwood and Facebook @kmelissasmallwoodwriter.

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