Foster Parent Prayers May 16

…and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10:8-9

We know that fostering is rewarding and a joy on many days. However, we also know that there are hard days too, a lot of them. Foster parenting is challenging and can be hard on a marriage. It’s important to make time for just you and your spouse to reconnect and stay on the same page. Use respite for a weekend getaway. Have a weekly date night at home after the kids go to bed with takeout and a movie. Play a board game together. Go for an evening walk. Check in with each other throughout the day and always be committed to making your marriage a priority. Many of the children that come into care have never witnessed a healthy relationship before. Your marriage can actually be a witness to these kids and even the workers and professionals you come in contact with.

The hubby and I foster older kids. One of our daughters came to us at 17 and loves to take candid pictures of the hubby and I when we don’t know it. She calls them “off-guards”. I love some of the moments she has captured. Us walking hand in hand, me laying my head on his shoulder or him putting his arm around me in church. A healthy and committed marriage shows the children in our home what a safe relationship looks like. If we aren’t taking the time to nurture our marriage, the stressors of foster parenting can start to erode the relationship. fosterparentprayers11

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