Foster Parent Prayers Day 2

I’m excited about this month of daily prayers for foster children. Sometimes, as a foster parent, I feel helpless to effect change in their situations. But, God. He is there with me, with them and already knows the outcome. What He wants and expects from us is to love each child in our care for as long as they are with us. I know that the ones that have left my home leave with a piece of my heart, even when they exhausted and frustrated me with behaviors or when their case didn’t turn out in the best case scenario.

Today’s prayer asks God to help these kids feel wanted and chosen. I don’t know that people give much thought to how the foster care system makes kids feel. When they are removed, their belongings are often carted around in black ugly garbage bags. As the workers make placement arrangements, it is often through phone calls right in front of the child. They hear the details of their life discussed in a clinical, detached way. They show up to a complete strangers home and are expected to feel safe and grateful. Not much about their situations leaves them feeling wanted and chosen.

As foster parents, we have a unique opportunity to show them, through our actions, how much they are loved and how their presence is welcome in our home and family. Whether its a brand new baby that needs skin to skin contact to allow her drug exposed body to learn how to relax or a kindergartner that needs a bedtime story and to be tucked in or a teenager that needs to know that not all adults are going to judge and disappoint them, we get to meet those needs. It doesn’t always feel like an honor and privilege but it is.

I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. John 15:16.

These children are chosen and loved by an Almighty God. The same God that has chosen us to be the tender whisper of love to every child that enters our home.

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