Is anybody out there?

Well hi friends.!

{If I still have any friends that stop by here since I haven’t blogged in SIX WEEKS.  That is a record for me}

And I would apologize but I’ve been occupied with important things {and my husband had my laptop 1000 miles away}….but, I have been eager to update y’all on our move to Florida.  Out of fear that this post will be 3 bazillion words long, I’ve decided to start with a timeline and pictures.  There are some wordy blog post worthy moments that I will share at a later time, perhaps when the mountain of boxes precariously stacked in the garage has been conquered and the youngest starts at his new high school and I develop a routine with my new job so that I can sleep at night and lose these black holes dark circles under my eyes and the planets align, pigs fly and all that jazz.

Until then….

The timeline:

May 31: Myself, 15 year old Matt, oldest daughter, Shayla and 2 year old grandbaby board the auto train {after wrangling a 2 year old while packed in like sardines with people to whom they were serving free alcohol in the sauna-esque train station while we waited for the train that was FOUR HOURS late- fun times!}

Shayla and Matt asleep on auto train

Shayla and Matt asleep on auto train

June 1: Auto train arrives in Orlando, FL and we then drive 2 hours south to Port St. Lucie to begin our new adventure.

June 3: I start training for my new job {typing that out I realize that only a person that is clinically insane would begin a brand new job less than 48 hours after stepping off the auto train but that’s just how I roll}

June 5: I start missing my hubby and wondering if this whole living in two different states thing was such a good idea 🙁

June 24: We got an offer on our WV house!!!

June 27: After our counter offer was accepted, we had a contract on our WV house! Closing date of 8/1 and an end in sight to being without my hubby.

June 29: Shayla and Lala head back to WV until the WV house sells.

July 4: New Florida friend invites Matt and I to join her and her kids at Disney for 4th of July. A much needed two days of R&R are just what this mama needed.

My friend, Wyndi and I at the Grand Floridian resort

My friend, Wyndi and I at the Grand Floridian resort

July 5: After a delayed flight I saw my husband for the first time in over a month. We celebrated our sixteenth anniversary together the next day.

iphone may june 13 209

July 8: Left training early to take hubby back to airport. Three more weeks till we live in same zip code again.

July 15: Sign the lease on our first Florida home (and first rental of our almost 18 years together)

July 19: completed a marathon 7 weeks of training for new job.

July 23: spend four days in Orlando for work project, work late nights and have an awesome hotel room all to myself

July 29: commute to Melbourne for three days to continue work project

August 1: Mike closes on our WV house and then gets in moving truck, hauling mini van with our dog and 2 year old granddaughter to make the 20+ hour trip to join me in Florida.

August 2: Mike and Sweet Pea arrive. We commence moving in and getting settled in new house.

August 5: get first list of my own clients for new job

August 6: remember I have my laptop back and decide to fire out a very long blog post providing my readers with details they could probably care less about {but at least I have it documented}


In all seriousness, this has been a crazy, busy, fun filled, grueling, amazing, memorable summer and I am beyond excited to begin this chapter in our lives. And I want to thank all three or four of you devoted readers that are still with me in this space.

You have my word I will be back with fresh encouragement in the very near future.

Much love!






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