What I Learned in June

My sweet friend, Emily, from Chatting at the Sky started sharing things she learned at the end of each month and I’ve enjoyed those posts.  She is now inviting other bloggers to share what they have learned and I’m excited to join in.  Click here to see what other writers have learned in June.



1.  June has certainly taught me that when you have shared a home, a bed and a life with a man for 17+ years, separation is hard.  HARD.  I have missed my hubby so much since moving to Florida that it has made my stomach hurt.  I am incredibly grateful that we live in a technological age where we can text, Skype, IM, Facebook, etc. to stay in touch.

2.  I also learned that I doubt that God is interested in the little details of my life far too often.  Friends, He cares.  And, His timing is impeccable.

3.  Ice cream on a Wednesday night is delicious.  Chocolate dipped waffle cones with Hershey’s coffee ice cream at a little shop with a view of the ocean- heavenly!  Even better when shared with your daughter and granddaughter. And, said granddaughters go through a phase where they try so hard to smile for pictures that they look like they are grimacing in every photo. Love it!

4.  I was not created to sit at a desk and be talked at for 8 hours a day, five days a week.  Perhaps it is because I was home schooled as a child but the training for my new job is torture.  Thankfully, I have made some friends to commiserate with and I only have three more weeks.

5.  I have learned that I am going to like my job when I get to be hands on with my clients next month.  Can’t wait!

6.  Worship music ignites my soul.  We have found a church with great worship and I look forward to attending every week.

7.  When your car is making a whistling sound, it means your back brakes need fixed.

8.  House hunting is not as fun as they make it look on HGTV but will be worth it when I find our Florida home.

9.  Related to #8, some people have showers in their master bath that have sliding glass doors leading outside. To the front yard. For real!

Has June taught you anything you hadn’t realized before?


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