Worth the Read {volume 5}

  • worth the read  As disgusted as I am with the recent Abercrombie and Fitch debacle, I also second this post-Why I Can’t #FitchtheHomeless
  • “What if He doesn’t heal him, will he still be good then?”. Love this post at (in)courage.
  • We are selling our home {cause we are moving to Florida} so this post about ways to make your home smell good was timely and informative.
  • Grab your tissues and watch this video.
  • Her life isn’t perfect and neither is mine and that’s ok. In fact, that’s what is perfect about life- the imperfections are where we learn the most and grow the most.
  • Parenting boys has been such a special journey.  Kristen at We are THAT Family shares 10 Things Your Son Needs to Hear, written for her son on his birthday. Love the list.

What have you read this week that stuck in your heart?

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