Worth the Read {volume 4}

worth the readThis week has been an interesting one for me. Personally, our family made a huge announcement.  I won a giveaway that will help me attend the one conference I would give my left arm to attend!  God is opening doors for me and this God-sized dream of mine all over the place. I feel incredibly loved and blessed this week.

I still found time to steal and read some of my favorite sites and here are some of the posts I encourage you to read as well:

  • Tricia Goyer is someone I admire.  We have a good bit in common- both teen moms, both adoptive moms, both work in ministry with teen moms and both are writers {albeit she is WAY more successful at it}.  She wrote a piece for Allume which talked about feeding creativity.  It was like receiving permission to be myself- loved it!
  • This was a week where things I read were whispering what God has been whispering to my heart.  Taking time for myself and having deep desires and wishes is not selfish.  He wants good things for me too.  This post by Holley Gerth was one of the whispers.
  • What Makes a Woman Feel Beautiful?  That is the question my friend, Brooke, wrote about this week and I love her answer.  Side note: Her post made me increasingly excited about the appointment I have with a photographer next Saturday!
  • This video made this mighty mother tear up.  It is set to the words of Lisa-Jo Baker.
  • I’m 34 and I feel the same way.
  • I had no idea it was Teacher Appreciation Week until I read this genius from Jen Hatmaker.

As you can tell it was a good week for reading 🙂

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