If tomorrow doesn’t come {a God sized dreams post}


When you send your 3rd graders to school with a kiss and a lunch packed with love, you expect them to return home to you at the end of the day.

But sometimes they don’t.

When your 8th grader complains of pain in his hip, you expect to give him some ibuprofen and for it to get better.

But sometimes it won’t.

When God lays a dream on your heart, you expect for there to always be time to accomplish it, to dream with Him, to pursue all He has.

But sometimes there isn’t.

Tomorrow may not come for me, for you, for anyone.  All we have is today.

The riskiest thing about my God sized dreams would be to not pursue them.  Even if I just take a baby step towards those dreams each day, that is something. It counts.  It matters. Small steps add up to great distances.

I used to wear a pedometer to track how many steps I took each day. With a goal of 10,000 my lazy desiring to be healthier self knew I would only have to walk the remaining steps to reach my daily goal that I hadn’t managed throughout the day.  There are days when I took the stairs or chose the parking spot further away so I could add up those steps and not have to walk at all when I got home from work.  Did those steps matter less because I took them begrudgingly or to get out of steps later in the day?  Nope.  They still got me to my goal.  Every step counted, even the ones I enjoyed.  The steps to pick up my littles from school.  The steps to greet the hubby at the front door.

Every step counts.

The unspeakable tragedy in Oklahoma yesterday served as a brutal reminder that tomorrow may not come.  Friends, doesn’t that make the steps we take today matter so much more?

Yesterday a young man named Zach Sobiech passed away from osteosarcoma.  He was diagnosed with this terminal bone cancer in the 8th grade.  I leave you with the documentary made about his last days.  This boy knew that every step counts.  That we must live for today because, on this side of Heaven, today is what we have.



Love deeply, make others smile, follow your God- sized dreams.





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