A God Sized Dream Update


I will be on a train to Florida in three days.

Three days!  A dream that has lay dormant in my heart for YEARS is coming to fruition.

When I invited y’all on a God sized dream journey with me this year, I was referring, mostly, to my speaking and teaching aspirations.  While those are still on my heart {and I have taken exciting steps toward them} the real dream that God was going to propel me towards was something I had shelved a while back.

But, God!

My two favorite words.

After the hubby said “why don’t we go this year?” and I picked myself up off the floor, we started taking short trips to Florida to look at homes and get a feel for the job market.  In late March, we decided that I would start applying for jobs in the hopes that I would find one before the summer was over.

I updated my resume and started job hunting.

I got an email in early April about a job that I had applied for- a perfect fit for my education and experience. Through email we set up a time for a phone interview.

When the sweet gal called for the phone interview, she said “before we get started I have to ask you something.  Did you ever live on Scrabble Rd.?”

To which I replied “in West Virginia?”

Long story short, while applying for a job in West Palm Beach, Florida I was interviewing with a lady who had met me five years before- in West Virginia. Through a local freecycle website, I had given away several bags of career clothes when I gained weight and this lady said “I am still being blessed by those clothes”.

I kid you not!

I start that job on Monday, June 3rd.

God’s hand has been evident in this whole move and my God sized dream sisters have been cheering me on and praying for me the whole journey {they heard this story about five minutes after it happened}

It seems fitting that as our dream assignments are coming to an end, this chapter of my story is just beginning.

I feel equipped, prepared, loved, prayed for and encouraged in this next step thanks to being a part of the God sized dream team.

I know that the road ahead will not be easy {hubby staying in WV until house sells, living with family, finding a new church home, saying tough goodbyes} but I could not be more excited for whatever God has for us in Florida!

I want to extend a special thank you to Holley Gerth for making me a part of her God sized Dream Team.  Only God could have orchestrated the timing of all of this.

As this God sized dream focus comes to an end on the blog, you can still expect to hear me refer to the term often.  It has become a part of my journey- in this space and beyond the computer.  It’s what I want each of my readers to experience as well- God’s best for you.  Holley defines it this way:  a God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

What do you dream about?





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