Worth the Read {volume 3}

This week has been full.  Full of joy, full of sorrow. I guess bittersweet is an appropriate adjective.  The following are posts that have touched my heart and I hope they will do the same for you:

  • I have never read an article by this sweet Jesus girl that did not move my heart.  This is no exception.
  • This post made me smile because my husband is my safe haven and for that I am so grateful.
  • Even though I desperately want to win this giveaway and go to this amazing conference myself, I can’t NOT share it with you because it is that awesome!
  • I related to this post as a young mama with kids born from other bellies and wondering how to parent an adult when you barely feel like one yourself.  I love how God uses the internet to help me feel not so alone.
  • Not broken, just bent.  Love the title, love the post.


What did you read that stuck with you this week?

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