Shining Light into the Dark {a God sized dreams post}

I got alone with God this week.  That usually corresponds to a good deal of writing {I added 2100 words to my manuscript on Monday!} and often results in conviction and action on my part as well.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of this God-sized dream of mine, I get overwhelmed.  Thoughts like “there are plenty of other people that can write and teach” or “can a messed up girl like me really make a difference“.  Times of concentrated prayer and leaning in to hear from my Father dispel those lies and doubts. God has handed me a candle.

God simply asks that I light the candle He has given me.  To share with others the hope that He has provided me.


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Then, a tragedy like what happened at the Boston Marathon occurs.

Darkness creeps in, not just in my life but like a blanket over the entire country.

And, I remember my time with the Father and that hope is the flame that lights the darkness.



Will you join me in praying for our country, for those in Boston, especially the injured and for God to grant each of us the courage to hold our candle high and collectively erase the dark?

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