Dreams need cheerleaders {a God sized dreams post}

She was my grandmother’s best friend for their entire adult lives.

And Monday God called her home.

Too soon.  I am sad for her family.  For her grandbabies.  For her husband.  For my grandmother. For her clients. and, I’m sad for me.

Kaye Cook Mentor, Coach, Friend

Kaye Cook
Mentor, Coach, Friend

Kaye always made sure to tell me she was proud of me.  Even when I made poor choices and the trajectory of my life was altered forever.  She is the one who looked in my eyes and told me there were only good things in store for me.

A few years ago, when I almost died from pulmonary emboli, I found myself wading through the “what did God leave me here for” type questions that often accompany such an experience.  Kaye met me at a diner and over coffee we talked for hours about my God sized dreams.  She was the first one {and for a long time the only one} I spoke those dreams to out loud.  She encouraged me, gave me things to think about and left me feeling like I could tackle these bigger-than-me dreams God had laid on my heart.

Kaye lived out some of my dreams.  She made a very successful career out of coaching and public speaking/teaching.

She always told me she was proud of me.

Rest in peace, sweet Kaye. And thank you for believing in my dreams.


Friends, never underestimate the power of believing in someone.  You never know the impact your encouraging words and listening ear are having on their heart.


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