Because God dreamt it first (a God-sized Dreams post)

God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame. Elizabeth Barrett Browning


This week (and please don’t remind my recovering Type-A self how many weeks behind I am because I will cry) Holley’s challenge to her God Sized Dream Team is to write about the “why” behind our dream.


Why do I keep trying for a dream that is heavy with expectation and often elusive?

Why do I commit time to something when I don’t “see’ return on the investment?

Why haven’t I given up on this calling and live a life satisfied with the status quo?

Because the Dreamer (yes, I am referring to God that way) won’t let me.

That may sound silly or trite.  It’s not.

Way back in 2006 when the palpable presence of God nearly made me wreck my car (I should probably write about that sometime, huh?) a dream was deposited in my soul.  At times I have chased it.  Other times I’ve tried to bury it.  More often than not, I take slow, tentative steps towards it.

The times that I have tried to ignore the God sized dreams I have are the times I have been furthest from God.  When God places a God sized dream on your heart, it is not so that dream can be a little secret between you and Him.  He chose you to be the deliverer of that dream to the world- on a small scale, medium scale, large scale. It doesn’t matter. God sized dreams are meant for impacting others lives for Christ.  If we hide those dreams we are attempting to extinguish or contain a fire that will not be squelched.  I have taken the time to know my “why” and to know that the very One that gave me the gift of my dream is my “why” for pursuing it.


God has called me to encourage women.  Encourage them through writing, through coaching, through teaching and through loving them as He did.

The “why” I need to ask myself is not why do I have this dream? But, why don’t I give it more of a priority in my life? Why do I run from it at times?

Why am I afraid?

The Dreamer is also the Equipper.  In Him I have all I need to make this dream a reality.  It’s time for this dreamer to step out in faith.




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