About that extra 21st chromosome

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

Just typing that makes me smile.  My life has been blessed by knowing several people with an extra 21st chromosome.

Each one has brought joy to my life, especially Shawn.

february 12 016

Shawn has taught me A LOT in the three years I’ve known him. Like the joy of turning up the music {despite the fact that his favorite is Justin Bieber} and dancing crazy-like in the car.  That going over bumps in the road is hysterically funny.  That ice cream cures all.   That playing fetch with my mini schnauzer, Chloe is a great way to spend three hours on a Sunday afternoon.

I love how God shows off.  What the world views as a mutation, a genetic abnormality, is the perfect blend to create the most loving group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Do you know someone with Down Syndrome?  What special joy do they bring to your life?


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