Putting Fear Away- A God sized Dreams Post

It was awkward. Stiff.

It wasn’t the throw me up in the air and let me think I’m going to fall, then catch me at the last minute type of hugs he gave when I was a little girl.

It wasn’t the comforting arms that soothed my tears and hurt feelings.

But, it was one of the sweetest hugs my dad and I ever shared.  In that side-hug moment, thirteen years of bitterness, anger and fear melted away. Thirteen years of not speaking, let alone hugging.

My dad with my nephew

My dad with my nephew

Love won.

Restoration and healing began a fresh work in my heart.

That was four years ago, after a near death experience had left me with an absence of fear and an overwhelming desire to chase after God’s best for my life.

Slowly, but surely fear crept back in.  It started with a fall that caused me to be out of commission for most of 2011.  Feeling out of control gave fear just the opening it had been waiting for.

Fear is like rust.  If you let it sit too long, it corrodes, eats away at, destroys.  Over the past few years, fear has eroded its ugly ways back in the grooves of my heart.  And, now thinking and praying about God-sized dreams, it has hit me how much I have allowed my fears to control my actions. AGAIN.  I slayed the fear dragon before.

I want to slay it again.

So, I’m putting on my armor {Ephesians 6:10-17},

I’m  praying God will help me feel His love {because perfect love casts out fear I John 4:18}

and I’m dreaming!



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