My Friend is a Big Loser

{Tomorrow, I will be sharing my One Word for 2013 with you and that will make this post even more relevant!}

My friend, Jessica Heights, is sweet.  People use that word to describe others often but I really mean it. You look up sweet in the dictionary and there is a picture of this girl.  She is a mama to four, a wife, a writer {who blogs here}, co-host of Allume {the largest Christian blogging/social media conference} and has managed to find the time in all that to write an e-book that is going to encourage and inspire lots of women, this woman included.

The 100 pound loser is a quick and simple read, that provides inspiration, encouragement and practical tips for those of us looking to lose weight and live healthier in 2013 {or any year for that matter}.  In her conversational writing style, Jessica shares her personal story of losing 100 lbs and keeping it off for several years. She shares her struggles, victories and secrets to her weight loss success.   I found myself inspired and not feeling as overwhelmed at the goal of 45 lbs for myself this year when finished with the book.  I read it in one evening and have referred back to it since then.  The cover alone is encouraging as it shows you Jessica’s {un-photo-shopped} before and after photos!

I also appreciate Jessica’s focus on loving the body you have while working towards the body you want.

If you made the resolution to shed unwanted pounds, this is the book for you.

You can buy it on Amazon and here and learn more about it here.

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