Just do the next thing ~ A God-sized Dreams Post

I love to dream.  I love to brainstorm.  I love to see the big picture.
There is a downside to being the big picture girl.  The downside being those darn details.

As a dreamer, the details can easily overwhelm and, at times, paralyze me.  And my enemy, the one that pounces on weakness, he knows it.

One thing I have learned that has helped me on my journey of following my dreams, big ones and small ones alike, is to just take the next step.  Sometimes its a scary step, sometimes it is a seemingly meaningless step but it counts.  Any step toward your dream is a step that counts.

woman taking step

Whatever you are facing in your life, sweet friend, is not insurmountable.  We serve an amazing God who is able to do ALL things for those He loves.  He who spoke the world into existence and gifted us with Starbucks caramel lattes (God gets all my glory, friends)- He can do anything.  And, He lives IN you. He lives IN me.  We can do anything through Him.  One step at a time.



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