January Friendships~ A God Sized Dream Post

January.  If it wasn’t for my birthday and NFL play-off games, it would probably be my least favorite month of the year.

Here in West Virginia, it is cold, the trees are bare, the grass is dead and did I mention it’s cold?

January is one of those months when I want to curl up in bed with a good book, a heating pad and fuzzy socks and hibernate until spring.  Of course, that is not possible but a girl can dream.

My life tends to mirror the weather.  My motivation to cultivate friendships tends to be as hard to find as a green blade of grass in this January time of year.

This year I have been blessed.  Being a part of the God Sized Dream Team has provided me a {chat}room full of kindred spirits.  We encourage each other, we pray for each other, we hold one another accountable.  In that space there is birth and fresh breathed air.  It doesn’t feel like the type of January I am used to.

And, the blessing bleeds over from online to real life.  I have been having more lunches with friends, phone calls and *gasp* even hugs.

We weren’t created to walk through life alone.  I feel buoyed up by all the people I know are praying for me.

And, slowly and suddenly, It doesn’t feel like January anymore.




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