I’m Not a Runner…..Yet

I have many friends that have taken up running. And, they LOVE it.

Like, it has changed their life, their health, their physique for the better and they can’t imagine not running type of love it.

They post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Sweaty happy faces after running a 5, 10 or 15k.  Running in inclement weather, on purpose.

And for most of 2012, I watched their transformations from the comfort of my couch, shaking my head and thinking “bless their little running hearts“.

Meanwhile, I huffed and puffed at the very thought of running.  A brisk walk could leave me breathless.


As I prayed for my One Word for 2013, the same word kept creeping in. I kept thinking that words makes no sense. It can mean so many things.

You probably guessed that was the word and it is.


God wants me to be well.  {there are other facets of this One Word that I will delve into later}


One night between Christmas and New Years, I had a dream and in it I was running.

I’m surprised I didn’t wake myself up laughing at the very thought.

Darn if that thought stuck with me like glue and I started thinking and praying about me and running in the same sentence.

I don’t know what’s going to come of this running thing but I do know I have downloaded a couch to 5k app to my phone and my 16 year old {very athletic} kid wants to be my trainer.

And, I’m kind of excited about where this year of well will take me.



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