Why I’m Not Sending Out Christmas Cards this Year

By now, the cards have usually been ordered, signed, addressed, stamped and mailed.

The Christmas cards, that is.  For fifteen straight Christmases I haven’t missed a year.

This year, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

There’s a lot of reasons but mostly, I want to see, touch and love my people–my family and friends in person.

I don’t want to send my brothers and dad a 4 paragraph letter about the ups and downs of 2012. I want to tell them over coffee and omelettes.

I don’t want my friends in Texas to wonder who the new guy is in the picture. I want to take out my phone and introduce them to my son-in-law.

I don’t want to scribble a line about how much I miss a friend.  I want to plan a girls night and catch up over dinner and a chick flick.

Facebook and the annual Smallwood Christmas letter just won’t cut it for me this Christmas and in 2013.  I need my in real life connections to go deeper, feel stronger.

This is big for me, people!  But, it is where God has me. Craving connection and relationship like I crave ice in my sweet tea.

So, I’ve booked my flight to Florida to have that coffee and those omelettes with my brothers in January. We’ll see where I go from there.

Does this holiday season find you doing something different?



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