What You Learn From a Quiet House

My house is quiet.

Y’all, that never happens!  With four kids, a two year old grandbaby, two dogs and a husband- it just never happens.

Normally I beg for quiet.  Sweet Pea even says “hush”, echoing what she hears from my lips so often.  The clang, the chatter, the chaos of a busy home can seem too much for this introspective soul.

This night, other than the TV in the background as my hubby watches a movie, there is true silence.

I sit in the quiet and I realize that as much as I am enjoying this moment, I wouldn’t give up the noise of my life for all the quiet days in the world.

For in the noise of life, there is love.  There is fun and laughter, belly laughter.  There is joy.  There is silliness.  There is much to be thankful for. There is life.

In the noise, there is chaotic, hectic, wonderful life.

May you find life in noise this weekend as well.


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