An Anecdote of Fear and Angels

When I realized that the only parking available was in a several story parking garage, I felt sick to my stomach.  Parking garages and I do not get along.  I feel like the top of any vehicle I am in is going to be shorn off or that the entire thing is going to collapse on {just} me at any given moment.

Irrational? Yes.

Something I fear anyway? Absolutely.

The venue for the Allume conference in Harrisburg, PA was nice, tucked in a busy but quaint feeling city. A city with parking garages.

My usual behavior in a parking garage is to simply close my eyes until the vehicle is parked.  However, when you are the driver that tactic doesn’t work so well.  As I pulled in to the parking garage {and I really didn’t have a choice because it was a narrow road and there were people behind me that probably would not have taken kindly to me stopping the car and sobbing like I wanted to} I took note of the metal sign above me that said “maximum height 6′ 6″.  In a split second, my mind tried to recall if my 6’2″ hubby was taller or shorter than my mini-van.  Yes, y’all…I am that afraid. {Turns out he is taller but if you had asked me in that moment as I physically ducked in my seat and drove into the garage, I would’ve sworn he was shorter, for real!}

When I didn’t find a space on the first or second floor, I began to pray. “Lord, I know this fear is irrational but I just need to park my van.  Please keep my eyes open and my heart calm”.

Then, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced happened.

As I rounded the turn to level 3, I saw big, bright angelic beings holding up the concrete ceilings I was terrified to drive under. That image stayed with me all the way to level 5 and my heart rate slowed to a much healthier pace.  God gave me a vision that allowed me to feel total peace as I found a parking spot and let out the breath I had been holding. I prayed a prayer of thanks to my Jesus as I got my bag and hurried into registration.

And, I kept that story to myself all weekend.  Cause after all, even at a conference filled with Christian women, do you really want to claim that you saw angels in the parking garage?  Worrying what others would think and wanting to keep the sacred moment to myself were not my only motivation for not saying anything.  I was also confused by what I had seen.

The big, bright beings didn’t look anything like the angel I put on top of my Christmas tree every year.  They were tall men that looked like they could take on anything that came at them, including the weight of a parking garage.  They were radiant and almost transparent.

Later that evening, I was in the (in)courage lounge, eating cupcakes with two sweet friends when the topic of angels came up.  One mentioned that her husband didn’t like having an angel on their Christmas tree because they didn’t depict what angels really looked like.  My interest was piqued and my other friend went on to describe how the angels of the Bible were usually “warriors”.  {I should have shared my story right then and there with those two as they would not have thought me crazy but fear kept my mouth shut}

I did go to the prayer room {which was beautiful and serene, THANK YOU to The SEED Company who put it together for the Allume attendees} and got on my face and thanked God for such a personal experience of His protection and the simple proof that He cares about me, even down to my irrational fear of parking garages.

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my gratitude journal}

~ pumpkin spice coffee

~ conversations with old friends that most of the time live in my computer

~ safe travels with praise and worship music on

~ a sweet friend that saved me the cost of a hotel by providing me with her comfy couch

~ the friend that dragged my non-fun self into the smile booth

~ an amazing time of prayer for the nation of Africa and our nation too

~ hearing this humble woman of God speak Truth like an arrow to my heart

~ coming home to sweet hugs from teens and sloppy kisses from Sweet Pea

~ books, books, and more books to read {and most of them were free!}

~ a lunch date with my hubby before Hurricane Sandy


How has God revealed Himself to you lately?  I would love to know!




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  1. Way cool! I love hearing stories of God’s provision. He gives us what we need when we need it (sometimes before we even know what we need). That kind of provision came to me at the Women of Faith conference last year. I was alone and completely freaking out over being in an arena with so many other women. I even had a panic attack (while driving – not pretty). The next day, I met two ladies at breakfast. They gave me a ride to the arena (yes, I jumped in a car with complete strangers), and even though we didn’t sit together, just knowing I had a friend in the crowd made it bearable.

    I’ve also had experiences where I knew angels were close by, even though I didn’t physically see them. You’re truly one blessed gal! Thanks for sharing.
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