A reminder to Be Still

Life can rush by at a crazy pace, especially if we take our eyes off eternity.

Lisa Chan, wife of one of my favorite authors, Frances Chan, has just released a short inspirational film aptly entitled, Be Still.

Sometimes, when I allow myself to get caught up in the busyness of life- the Mom taxi, the never-ending pile of laundry, the homework that requires the parents brains to hurt, the traffic on my way home from work (and on and on and on)- compounded by appointments, obligations, commitments, etc and I want to run away from life.

But, I would trip on the pile of shoes in front of the door and probably end up hurting myself, rather than escaping.

The enemy loves those moments, when we feel like throwing in the towel.  Because usually it means that we have allowed ourselves to become so distracted by the everyday stressors that we have slowly shortened our quiet time and placed the most important thing, our relationship with Christ, on the back burner.

Lisa Chan addresses being in that place and how to get back to Jesus being at the center of the everyday.  Be Still is a reminder to lean into the love and grace of the Lord, rather than the hustle and bustle of the world. I encourage you to check it out and be encouraged by the content and message of Be Still.

I would love to know your thoughts!

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