Dear Sweet Pea

You were unexpected.

The best kind of surprise.

I remember the first day I met your mommy.  I was visiting teen moms at a local high school and she shyly showed me her ultrasound picture.  Her belly was barely swollen and she was already in love with you.

Little did I know that 3 months later, your mama would move into our home and our hearts.  It was originally a temporary solution but God had bigger {and better} plans.

At 31, you made me a Mimi.  I had no idea the amount of sheer joy you would add to our lives. Your mommy filled an empty spot in my heart and you created a place in my heart that holds a love I hadn’t experienced before. People have always said grandchildren are a gift and now I know that is the tip of the indescribable truth.

Watching you grow and learn and laugh and talk is a privilege.  They way you love your “skuncles” and the adoration you have for your Papa warms my heart.

When you were almost a year old, mommy became our daughter legally and you officially became a part of our family forever.

One day you will grow up and be as proud of your mommy as I am.  She has overcome so much and grown in so many ways in order to be the mom that you deserve.

For now, know that Mimi and Papa enjoy every moment with you and we thank God for the unexpected gift of watching you grow.

I can’t believe you are already two.  Happy, happy birthday!

Thank you for making my heart bigger.

You are my sweet pea, my Lala, Mimi’s special girl.  And, I will always be here for you.



  1. MomTriedIt says:

    Awesome!!! Happy birthday!

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