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As many of you know, I write monthly for The M.O.B Society, a site for moms of boys written by moms of boys.

They are hosting a boy mom bloghop this week and I wanted to participate {I look forward to finding some new boy mama’s to tweet with and read}.

Parenting is one of the greatest joys {and challenges} of my life. And, parenting boys is such a privilege.  Raising men, future husbands and fathers, is a responsibility and an honor.  God has blessed me with three boys {and a daughter}.

Allow me to introduce you to my guys:

This is Jason, or “J” as I call him.  He turned 19 in March, a week and a half after he graduated as a military police officer for the Army National Guard.  J is a handsome, stubborn, shy young man who unabashedly loves his mama.  He never forgets my birthday, is quick to give me a hug and tells me how much he loves me.  Considering the road he and I have traveled makes those exchanges extra special.  J is currently working as an electrician helper for the summer.  His goal is to have an eventual career in law enforcement but hasn’t decided on a college yet.  J stretches and challenges me because he questions everything, including where God fits in to his life.  As soon as he got back from basic he got his first tattoo, followed quickly by a second.  He is a guys guy that likes to spend his free time at the gym and the gun range, yet has a sweet side that wanted my approval on the sketch of his first tat and my presence there while he got inked {I couldn’t hack it, I’m too much of a chicken but I did stay close so he could text me if he really needed me}. Love me some Jason!

Next is Jared.

I love this picture of Jared because it captures his personality…strong and sweet.  He is one of Sweet Pea’s favorite people.  {We call the boys her “skuncles”, she knows their names but usually calls them her “guys”} Jared turned 16 in May, making three out of four of our children licensed drivers.  He is an athlete at heart.  He has been involved in all sorts of sports through the years and can name stats of almost any national or college team {of any major sport}. ESPN is all that is on when Jared gets control of the remote.  He is currently on his high school wrestling team and would think I was the best mom ever if I let him start MMA {mixed martial arts} training {which I’m praying about}. Jared is a giver, he feels deeply for those less fortunate and is {almost} always willing to lend a helping hand.  He volunteers to watch babies for YoungLives. He has presence if that makes any sense.  He is also the child I butt heads with the most {probably because he is the most like me}.  He plans on being a prosecuting attorney. He has a beautiful relationship with Christ and is really good at ministering to others, including me.  Jared makes me smile.

Last but not least is Matt.

Matt is my tall and lanky 14, will be 15 in September, youngest child.  He has a sweet soul and is always the most concerned about me, especially when I’m not feeling well.  He is the least physically active of my boys, preferring to have his nose in a book or computer screen {wonder where he gets that from? ahem…} Matt is somewhat of an enigma in that he is so different from the his brothers, yet very much one of the guys.  School and grades is not on his list of priorities but give the boy some legos and he can build incredible structures.  He has a vivid imagination and is very artistic.  If there is a future in video game programming, Matt wishes to pursue that career path.  He still likes to spend time with his mama and I enjoy every minute of it.  Matt warms my heart.

Now, that you have met my boys {I also have a wonderful daughter and a beautiful granddaughter} a little bit about moi:

Wife, mother, writer, teacher, child of the King who enjoys reading voraciously, sweet tea with lime and riding on the back of my hubby’s Harley.

I work outside of the home as an admissions coordinator for a skilled nursing facility, I volunteer with a ministry that serves teen moms and spend as much time as possible with my family.  I have a heart for children that don’t have families and hope to adopt again in our future.

I’ve been writing in this space since 2009 and blogging has brought me some of the best friends and cheerleaders I could have ever wished for.

I look forward to connecting with other moms of boys.  Be sure to hop on over to The M.O.B Society to meet other boy moms too!

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  1. Oh, I so enjoyed reading about all your boys. It made me a bit sad for mine — oh, how I would love for him to have a brother. We are moving forward with a home study so we can adopt a son. We have always wanted to 🙂 It is very nice to meet you and so glad you stopped by tonight…. I liked your Facebook page — fixin to find you on Twitter 🙂 

  2. Stephanie Romero says:

    Glad to have found your blog on the blog hop.  I am a mom to three children (13 year old boy, 15 year old girl and 18 year old boy who is leaving for the Air Force in two weeks).  It is nice to have found a blog with a woman who has teens!  Will be subscribing!

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