Fighting the Fizz

I have given it up before.  Cold turkey.

But, it sucks me back in. Specifically when I have a stress headache and need some caffeine to chase the tylenol.

What has me in it’s ugly grasp?


{source unkown}

I need to stop drinking soda {again}.  I know it is bad for me.  I know that with a chronic illness the last thing I need is to ingest something that I know is harmful to my body.

For some reason though, I am failing. Just today, I brought my unsweetened tea and water to work and halfway through the day, I caved and bought a soda, which led to another {cause I had ice left in my cup ;}

So, I am calling on you friends.  I need accountability and I need tips.

Have you given up soda or something else unhealthy?  How did you do it? What worked for you?


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