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I stumbled across Reece’s Rainbow several years ago and have been a staunch supporter of their cause ever since.  Reece’s Rainbow advocates for children with special needs, specifically Down Syndrome, in other countries that are in need of forever families.  Selfishly, I want to bring little Lianne or Megan or Tara home and love on them forever.  These precious little ones deserve a lifetime of love and kisses from a mama and daddy that love them to make up for the time they have spent in cribs, simply because they were born with an extra chromosome.

Today, several bloggers are advocating for the 63 waiting children on Reece’s Rainbow that have been listed on the site the longest.  Those needing a family so desperately, yet are passed over again and again.

I am pleased to introduce you to 5 sweet little girls that need families.

I ask that you do not turn away because you think there is nothing you can do.  Even if you do not feel that your family is called to adopt, every single one of us are called to care for the orphans {it is one of the most talked about issues in Scripture}.

So, today I ask you to look into the eyes of these sweet little girls and ask God what He would have you do.  Maybe one of them is supposed to be your daughter.  Or maybe you can contribute to their adoption fund {or ransom, as we call it} so that they have a better chance of finding a forever family.  Maybe a particular child tugs on your heart and you can be praying, earnestly and regularly, that they find a family that will commit to them.  Maybe you can share the link to this post with your friends on Facebook to increase the chances that each of these precious ones finds their forever family.

All I ask is that you do something.

And, here are the five little girls I am advocating for:

This is Cora Lynne.  That look in her eye tells me she has a fighting chance of surviving until her family finds her.  She is adorable and Down Syndrome is her “special need”.

Celine is just beautiful and has been waiting for a family to come and save her from her life in the orphanage.  She also has Down Syndrome.

Arina P. breaks my heart.  She needs a reason to smile, don’t you think?  She also has DS.

Millie is too cute.  She looks like a deep thinker.  She has DS and has waited so long for a family to come rescue her.

and, last but not least, is one that has captured my heart for a long time.  Her little picture makes me think she is reaching out to her mama, waiting to be picked up.

Tara, sweet Tara. Are you meant to be her mama?  Believe it or not, she is 10 years old!

These precious ones are desperate for the love and care of a real family.

There are 63 children that have been waiting for families the longest on Reece’s Rainbow.  You can learn more about them by clicking on any of the links below:

Group 1: Gilda Coronado,
KimandJed Johnson,

Group 2: Melissa Welty….

Group 3: Leila Habra Miller…

Group 4: Leila Habra Miller

Group 5: Leah Hardwick..
Melissa Nicholson Smallwood,

Group 6: Becki Boop….

Group 7: Melissa Welty….

Group 8: Ivy Adams….
Lynn Huggins Spivey,

Group 9: Claire Shrader….
Christy Scott Ashby,

Group 10: Daneille Vrtar….

Group 11: Renee Alan….

Group 12: Ivy Adams
Andrea Baer,

Various Kids from Various Groups:
Julia Arnold Nalle,

Debbie Price-Hannon,

Jenny Scrupps Pohl,

Colleen Novit,

Kristi Kerr,

Thank you for reading and not turning away. Please ask God what role He has for you in rescuing these treasures.

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