Airing the dirty laundry

Has God ever prompted you to do something and you whispered back at Him {in your head of course, because out loud would make you seem crazy} “come again?  Lord, there is no way I can do that”?

Oh, it’s just me?

Usually when I have that type of conversation with God, it isn’t long before I acquiesce.  Such was the case this weekend.

Our area was hit by a terrible storm that no one was expecting.  We have friends who had trees fall on their homes, people injured from falling tree limbs and debris, closed roads and thousands without electricity.  To top it off, it was over 100 degrees this weekend.

I was so thankful that we had power {heat and Melissa do NOT mix}.  Saturday morning, God prompted me to invite {via facebook and texts to friends} those without power to come over to our house.

People have told me how nice it was to offer {and a friend in need was helped}.  Here is the thing. It was not nice of me. I did it begrudgingly.

Friends, it is not the thought that counts…it is the motive of the heart behind the thought that matters to Him.

Yes, I was obedient by posting that but it took my heart awhile to catch up.  And, you want to know why?

Because I usually prepare for company.  You know, like vacuum, put away clothes, light candles?

And, Saturday I just didn’t have the energy.  A long week at work and running around with kids had zapped me of the stamina to pull my house together before anyone came over.  And, it caused me great anxiety, y’all.  Like, oh-sweet-heavens-what-if-someone-actually-comes-over-i-would-surely-die panic attack moments!

“You used to organize for a living”  “You are lazy” and more lies and accusations of the enemy crept in to my thoughts until I had myself worked up to such a tizzy that my hubby had to step in {thank God for my wise and patient husband}.

Melissa, no one cares that laundry needs put away and the kitchen floor needs mopped.  They need a freezer for their food and friends that love them.  Now, go take a nap, you need one. Just leave your phone on in case someone needs to come by.

I don’t know how men have the ability to sum up an hours worth of anxiety and angst into a neat little answer but I am sure glad someone in this house has the capacity to talk me down off the ledges I find myself on.

So, instead of exhausting myself with housekeeping tasks I did take a much needed nap.  And, when I woke up Mike said a friend had dropped off some food to our deep freezer until their power came back on but didn’t come in because they were headed out of town and didn’t want to wake me.

And, we laughed together at the little growing exercise God had just put me through and  I put away the laundry.

How was your weekend?

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my gratitude and Joy Dare journal}

~ safe travels for Shayla who was driving home from work in the midst of the storm

~ watching two more teen mama’s follow through in believers baptism, raised to walk in the newness of Life

~ looking up to all my kids, every single one is now taller than their mama

~ Psalm 116:5

~ spicy california rolls

~ smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies that I didn’t have to bake

~ holding hands with my hubby

~ lunch with my BFF

~ inspirational quotes on Pinterest

~ my hot pink Bible that always has the Wisdom and Truth I need

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  1. Annie Anderson says:

    Hi, I can totally relate. The “come again, Lord?” part made me really laugh. I am so inclined to make sure everything looks great when people come over, I have a hard time just letting things go. At any rate, thanks for sharing. I found your post through a “See Jamie blog” comment. 

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