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Kelly’s Korner is one of the first blogs I ever read, long ago when I first stumbled across the blogosphere.

She has a sweet heart and two adorable little girls and every Friday she hosts a link-up called Show Us Your Life.  I love looking at the links when it is time to link up living spaces but never join in because my house is a wreck, y’all.  Lots of people, little space and other priorities have left this house neglected in the decorating department. But, something Kelly said this time struck me enough for me to get my camera out the moment I read it and create this post.

She said “we may be tempted to say “Oh I want to change some things or I wish I had this or that” but if you have running water and electricity and floors and a roof – you are more blessed than the majority of this world.  And it’s the people who live there who make the home. So be proud and thankful for your home and share it!”

I am blessed to have this space we call home.  I am beyond thankful for the roof over our head so dust, teenagers and all I am sharing a few photos of our home over the next few weeks. We are starting with living rooms.

Living room

This is our living room.  I love the curtains! We have a large {12 year old} sectional sofa that is comfortable and well used!  Sweet Pea’s kitchen set is in there right now and Jared was reading on the couch when I took the picture. Please ignore the dirty with a capital D windows!

computer desk

Behind the sofa is a little nook where the family computer and printer sit.  Mike and I feel it is important to have the computer in a public part of the house, since we have three teen boys under our roof.  {Oh my word, I need to empty the shredder!}

the other half of the living room

This space was probably designed to be a dining area but we use it for a writing desk.  We have a lot of book shelves in our house {one thing I can’t part with is books} and of course, lots of toys for Sweet Pea.  I like to sit at the desk with my laptop because I am still in the thick of all the goings on in the house while still getting work done.

Love the sign?

I love these vases {which desperately need dusted} and the sign.  It says “Friends- a gathering of folks you hand pick to love”.  That saying has such meaning to me as most of the people I consider family aren’t related to me by blood but by love.

So, there it is. Our living room.  And, boy do we ever live!

What is your favorite part of your living room?

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