I was once a lost cause

A girl of just thirteen faces torment and abuse from her peers.

We excuse it that kids that age don’t know any better.  They are too young to wrap their minds and manners around the concept of a peer having a baby.

Then, you witness the behavior of those same kids mama’s…throwing stones of accusation and ugliness at a situation they know nothing about.

Nobody knows what we’re for, only what we’re against, when we judge the wounded… ~Casting Crowns

If they knew that this girl was the victim of abuse and chose life for her baby anyway, would they still hurl cruelty her way?  Would they use the telephone lines to spread the wildfire of gossip and judgement or would they get on their knees and beg for forgiveness for their haste in jumping to conclusions?

Are they aware that the venom they spew spills over to the children God has entrusted them to raise?  The end result is another generation of Pharisees, growing bitterness and hatred in their hearts for the very people Jesus came to save.

And, then there is the question- What if this young girl had made a mistake?  Does that make her child a mistake?  Does that entitle the world to spend the rest of her days casting doubt on her ability to parent?  Don’t people realize that treating people like lepers because their situations aren’t picture perfect drives their hurting hearts away from the One that has the power to work ALL things out for good?

We live in a broken, desperate world.  A world desperate for Jesus, not judgment.

Fellow Christians, I beg of you…love like He did.  Love like He does.

Put the stones down so your hands are free to love.  Please!

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  1. Judi Gause says:

    What a great post.  It is so sad that most look towards the negative in situations.

  2. Julynoelle says:

    I can’t help but wonder if, instead of judgment against the teen mom, the motivation was concern for the baby. I’m not sure you can love the teen mama and not love and be concerned for her baby. I don’t know the hearts or motivation of the “accusers ” but I also don’t want to assume the worst in them anymore than assuming the worst of the teen mamas.

    • Melissa Smallwood says:

       There is a significant difference between showing love and concern for the baby and judging the parenting and motives of a young mother.  Teen moms aren’t going to parent exactly the way we as grown ups think they should.  That doesn’t make them bad parents any more than their choice to have unprotected sex makes their baby a mistake.
      My point was and is that the energy people put into concern for the baby would be better directed into pouring love and support into the life of the mother.  That will only benefit the baby in the long run and is a perfect picture of the way Jesus chose to love while He was on this earth.

  3. Whew…heavy stuff here!  I have emailed you a couple times regarding us adopting a 15 yr old this past Dec.  We now have her 10 yr old bro…moved in two weeks ago.  Life has ramped up….lol!  You know, our 15 yr old daughter will not walk into our youth group.  She tried that for a few months when she first moved in with us.  NO ONE talks to her.  It is like she doesn’t exist in their world.  Makes me really sad.  We have a smaller group, so it is obvious who is new.  Sad thing is that it appears as if they don’t know how to love her where she is.  Jesus does.  We are figuring it out day by day by surrenduring our depraved hearts to His perfect way.  Why can’t the others?  So, pregnant or not, a life that does not “fit the mold” of whatever “group” one may be in, is potential fodder for judgement and ridicule.  Even if it is silent.  So thankful you have a perspective that will change lives and hearts for eternity….Press on, sister…….

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