For those kind of days….

Sometimes life is no fun.

Not particularly tragic compared to other things you have been through or watched others endure.

Not anything specific that you can change or control.

Just tough, with the days that blend into the next and you feel like you are spinning around and accomplishing nothing and wonder if there will ever be enough hours in one day…

Am I the only one that has those kind of days?

It is those kinds of days that marking the good matters the most.

Gratitude can make the difference between a tough day and an unbearable day.

And, the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my gratitude and Joy Dare journal}

~ reading of hell and feeling a renewed desire to share my Jesus with the lost

~ the lime at the bottom of my empty glass {yes I take it out and eat it :}

~ the flowers and card my daughter brought me at work, just because

~ piling in to an SUV with my work buddies for a lunch break trip to the new Sonic {and ordering a large strawberry limeade}

~ hearing Sweet Pea speak in sentences “I see ducks”, “I want it”.  Babies grow so fast!

~ calls from my boy, away at Fort Bragg, still calling home and checking in

~ blasting the praise music on the way to work, just me and Jesus

~ picking out paint colors for our living room and the kids bathroom, thankful for our home

~ re-runs of Big Bang Theory and laughing with my kids

~ freshly waxed eyebrows

What are you thankful for?

Linked to A Holy Experience and Soli Deo Gloria.

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