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It has been a while since I’ve done an Insta-Friday post. Heck, its been a while since I’ve written any type of post.  I have been writing, just not here.  God has me focused on a book {which I will probably publish as an ebook in the fall} and all my writing time {which is limited since I returned to working a traditional job} is spent on that pen to paper writing that I truly enjoy.

I do think of this space often, and wrote a series the week of Mother’s Day that you can read here, here and here.

I hope y’all can forgive me for the sporadic posting and stick with me.  I pray for each of you, even though I probably don’t know the majority of you {leave a comment and tell me about yourselves}.

Anyways, here is my life in iPhone pictures from the last two weeks:

Lariah wearing her papa's sunglasses

She is getting so big.  Twenty months old this month and she weighs 29 lbs!  She wears a size 6 shoe and 2T clothes.  She says so many things including “please”, “Co-ee” {our dog Chloe}, “bibi” {what she calls her binky}, “see ya”, and of course “no”.  It is a joy to be a grandparent {I am Mimi, for the record}.

We go out to eat every Wednesday evening as a big, happy family.  We try to go to buffets since three of our kids are teenage boys 🙂  I love the sushi at our favorite local Chinese buffet.

The hubby and I took the older kids out on a “big kid” outing {although at 20 and 19 they don’t like being referred to as kids}.  Somehow bowling with them brings out the little kid in me.  We always have a good time.  Mike and I decided to share a cotton candy.  Too sweet for me, so he got to eat most of it.

We said goodbye to “the tank” two weeks ago.  This was the first new vehicle Mike and I ever purchased (12 years ago) and it served us so well.  When the boys were little and we were running to soccer and basketball and camping trips, it was the perfect vehicle for our family.  It was a bittersweet moment when we traded it in for a fuel efficient commuter car.

This is my sweet friend, Kenya.  She {and her equally sweet daughter, Halie} joined us last Saturday on our family outing to Hershey Park. We enjoyed a beautiful day at the park with our kids and friends.  I got a little sunburn on my arms but it was worth it!

This is Lariah, all dressed up and ready for the foster care walk on Mother’s Day.  We formed the Psalm 68:6 team as a family and it was an honor to raise money and awareness for kids that need forever families. {I have a bunch of pictures from the walk but I didn’t take them with my phone so I will post them later 🙂}  Here is Jared carrying Shayla piggy-back…

{Just a side rant note: Why is it that the two kids that argue with each other the most also are the ones that have sweet, fun moments together too?  Maybe to keep a mama sane and give her hope??}

Then we got home and the hubby made steamed shrimp and crab legs for the mama’s in the house.  It was delicious!!

That is our life in pictures for the last few weeks.

What have y’all been up to?

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