It’s All A Miracle

“I’m a nurse so I have to ask.  Why do you wear the medical ID bracelet?”

An innocent question.

A fairly simple answer.

“I have a blood clotting disorder so I am on blood thinners….and I almost died of a pulmonary embolism in 2008″.

Her face paled.  She told me that one of her best friends had a pulmonary embolism two weeks after giving birth several years ago and had passed away.

I am a miracle.

Working as an Admissions Coordinator in a health care facility, I encounter all types of sad and dire health situations.  Terminal cancer, unexpected strokes that completely alter quality of life and other unfortunate circumstances.

I contrast that with my work with teen moms.  The miracle of a new life.  The excruciating difficulty of watching moms make poor choices.  The amazing moments when they allow Christ in their hearts and you watch generational cycles of sin and dysfunction released and lives rebuilt.

And, today something just clicked during my quiet time with God.  It is all a miracle.

We pray for healing, we pray for more days on earth.  Each day is a gift.  A miracle all on it’s own.

What if we lived like that every moment?  Thankful for each breath.

Each smile from a stranger.

Each hug from our child.

Each lick from a puppy.

Each drop of water.

Each treatment that allows someone more days with their loved ones.

Each passing that escorts a soul to the Lord’s presence.

It’s all a miracle.

Every day.

Every life, no matter how short or long.

Every moment a miracle straight from the One that turned water into wine.

I don’t need to see a medical miracle.  I am one.

But, I was a miracle before that fateful day.  And you are a miracle too.

Your hands made me and formed me…Psalm 119: 73a


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