I don’t want to forget

A little reminder pops up on my phone. Don’t forget to read your 40 days of Lent Bible reading plan.

I don’t want to forget but I do.

I forget to eat breakfast.  I forget to pick up my contact lenses.  I forget to speak uplifting words to my husband and children.

The first step in remembering those things is to remember the first thing.

Time in the Word, communing with my Father.

When I forget that, everything else tends to go awry.

This week, as we approach Easter Sunday, may I not forget, may you not forget, the incredible sacrifice made when God became man and paid the penalty so that death will never have the victory over anyone who believes.

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my gratitude/Joy Dare journal, quickly approaching 600 gifts}

~ a pretty manicure for my first week of work

~  mango iced tea

~  welcoming smiles at my new job

~  the laughter and fun as my oldest son turned 19

~  hugs from Sweet Pea as she pats my back and says “aww, Mimi”

~  70 degree days~ my favorite kind of weather!

~  cute leopard print flats

~  fresh picked flowers from a teen, put in water in a mason jar on a clean kitchen counter

~  a clean and vacuumed mini-van {it is the little things, isn’t it?}

~  less time on the computer, more quiet time in the morning

What are you thankful for?

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