God is amazing (in)RL!

I have prayed for weeks that God would bring the women He desired to the local (in)RL meet-up I hosted today.  There were more than 1300 women at 400+ meet-ups across the globe and it was such an honor to be a teeny tiny part of a God glorifying community of women.

Can you imagine how pleased God was that all those women set time aside to deliberately spend together in fellowship for Him and with Him? I smile when I think of it.

I had fun with the beach theme.  I filled plastic beach pails with sand and had little chocolates buried under the sand.  The ladies had to dig out a chocolate and depending on the color of the wrapper, they either won a prize {most of which were books by some of the writers at (in)courage.me} or answered an ice breaker type question.

The videos available from the (in)courage team were awesome.  We were all taking notes and nodding in agreement.  We had a great time of fellowship and of course, coffee and chocolate.

My favorite time, though, was spent in prayer and in sharing prayer requests.

Remember how I asked God to send the ladies He desired?  Well there were three and we were all in the same life stage.  Parenting young adults and teenagers…we could have sat there and talked all day! We exchanged emails and phone numbers as well as specific prayer requests.

It was a great day to make new friends and spend time with my friend, Kelly, that goes to my church and knows me quite well 😉

We also decided to get together more often like this {and may even have a beach outing in our future}.

It was a great afternoon and I am so grateful for all my friends, especially the ones I spent time with today!

Did you attend an (in)RL event in your area?

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  1. Sadly, I was unable to attend.  But I’ve been praying for the event and know that it was life changing for many women.  So thankful you got to participate.

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