Playing Catch Up

It has been a whirlwind two weeks.  Last week, Mike and I traveled to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO to pick up our soldier.

It was a long, grueling 15 hour drive.  But, I did get to spend it with this cutie.

We watched Jason graduate as a military police officer for the US Army {mama couldn’t be more proud}

then we headed back home to the other three kids, one grandbaby and two dogs that waited for us at home.

We got back at 4am last Friday morning.  Monday, I had two follow-up interviews, was offered positions at both companies and accepted a position as an Admissions Coordinator for a skilled nursing facility about 15 minutes from our home.  {The surprising part is that I start this coming Monday!  Will y’all pray for me?}

I have realized this week that I may be creating a monster future blogger in Sweet Pea.  She even takes self portraits with her toy camera.  How stinkin’ cute is that?

Monday morning was good with the job offers and all but then Shayla ended up in the ER Monday night with a severe case of bronchitis and a bladder infection.  They had to stick her 6 times trying to get an IV {they never did get one}.  It was a looong five and half hours in that place.  After two days off, antibiotics and breathing treatments she is feeling better.  Now, the hubby is wheezing and coughing 🙁

Yesterday, I had Bible study with some of my favorite teen moms. We talked about what the Bible says about being a mentor and played the penny game {it is a cool ice breaker/get to know you game}.  I love spending time with those girls and will miss being part of the ministry full-time.

Today, I spent a little R&R time {after getting my toes stepped on at women’s Bible study.  Have any of you read For Women Only?  convicting stuff in that book} getting myself presentable for Monday morning.  I got my nails done and a little hair trim.  You like?

That is pretty much my crazy week, in cell phone pictures.

You can join in the fun at Life Rearranged.
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  1. I bet you were proud!  I have a police officer son.  Whew on a 15 hour drive!  Hope Shayla and the hubby are on the mend.  LOVE your new ‘do’.

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