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I tend to be quiet here when I am going through something{s}.

Really, I have a lot to say but need to say it in real life before I can go blabbing about it on my blog.

Plus, I am sick.  After a night in the ER with two bags of fluids, a really strong pain killer and a nurse that seemed to enjoy digging around to start an IV, I am feeling {slightly} better.  The doctor told me today, at a follow-up appointment, that my sample {I will leave what they sampled to your imagination} is growing a pathogen and that Monday he will have results to let me know what antibiotic I need to start.  Basically, I have bad bacteria in my gut? Who knew.

So, in an attempt to keep you updated on my oh-so-glamorous life {ha!} here are some pics from my phone this week:

Sitting at the DMV on a Saturday was funtastic.  I was so excited when they called our number (an hour and a half after we got there) that I snuck a picture!

Sweet Pea had an allergic reaction to something so we spent Monday morning at the doctor’s office for her.  She has recovered quickly from whatever it was (we think it may have been something in the chex mix she had on Saturday?) and is her usual toddler self.

Speaking of Sweet Pea, she has a special place in her heart for her Papa (aka my hubby, Mike).  She follows him around everywhere.  The other night he went in our room to take a shower and she knocked on the door saying “papa, papa” for most of the time and even tried her hand at opening the door.  It is sweet.  However, Mimi (and mommy and daddy) sometimes feel like chopped liver since we are instantly abandoned when Papa comes in a room.

I lead a Bible study/training time for our teen moms that show leadership potential.  We call the group 4G {God’s Girls Growing in Grace}.  We had a potluck dinner with our study last week and one of the mama’s brought this.  I loved it, of course and snapped a picture.  Then, we all laughed when she removed the plastic wrap and all the letters came off too. I love those girls!

And, my week ended at the doctor for my ER follow-up.  I have to continue the clear liquid, bland foods diet through the weekend.  Yippee 😉

So, what has your week looked like? The good, the not-so-good?

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  1. praying for you, girlfriend… I had no idea!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  Love, B-

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