He Heard Hannah~ A True Story by a Dear Friend

UPDATED:  The two winners of a copy of He Heard Hannah are Jamie R. and Carla Raley.  Please email me your mailing address to kmelissasmallwood@gmail.com.  If I do not hear from the winners in 48 hours, another will be chosen.  Thank you all for entering and be sure to buy the book, it is well worth it!

I have been blogging since 2008.  God has blessed me by crossing my path with some truly incredible women {her, her, her, her, her, her, her, her and many, many more!}.  One of those special ladies turned in-real-life friend is Lynnette Kraft.  We had the pleasure of meeting in person in October of 2010 after I stalked followed her blog for quite a while.  She is a contributor to my site for moms of teens/tweens and an all around inspiring person.

Me and Lynnette at Relevant '10


One of the things I most admire about Lynnette is her ability to experience true joy in her every day life, despite {and maybe in part because of} having walked through the unimaginable hell of burying not one, not two but three children.  The inexplicable pain is something I do not think I could recover from yet Lynnette navigates her journey with grace, gratitude and enduring faith.

And, God uses her faithfulness to touch lives.  Not just my life, or the lives of those that read her blog– but through the tragic death of her sweet little Anna, a man named Courtney Becker, {a 911 dispatcher who took a fateful call from Lynnette’s husband in 2004} found Jesus.

Courtney Becker, co-author of He Heard Hannah

The story is amazingly, achingly beautiful and is chronicled in a book, called He Heard Hannah.  

The book debuts in April but can be purchased on Amazon NOW!

I have read it.  Friends, read it.

There is a letter in the book from Courtney to Lynnette and her husband Kyle that brought me to tears at how God is at work even in the darkest of times.

Lynnette is a blessing. Little Anna’s life was a blessing.

This book is a blessing!

And, I am honored to share a blessing with you.

I have 2 {two} copies of He Heard Hannah to give away to two blessed Multitasking Mama readers.

Simply leave a comment below {I would love to hear of a time God blessed you during a trial} to be entered before 11:59pm on Friday, March 9th.  Winners will be selected randomly and posted on Saturday, March 10th.

And, please, please support my friend, Lynnette by purchasing her book and honoring her obedience in sharing her story for God’s glory.  My prayer is that many more lives will be impacted because of that willingness!

If you want to learn more about Lynnette {and trust me, you do!} you can find her on the web: 

Lynnette’s blog

Lynnette’s Facebook page

Follow Lynnette on Twitter

Friends, God is at work in the details of our lives.  This book, this story, is a wonderful testament to that undying truth!

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  1. So true, Laura! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you so much for being a part of this tour!

  3. Jamie R says:

    I just found out about this book yesterday and I will definitely be reading it!  I always try to look at the blessings God gives in the middle of challenging seasons even when I don’t see them immediately.

  4.  Melissa…thank you for reviewing He Heard Hannah.  I agree it is an inspiring book!
    I love Courtney’s story alongside of Lynnette’s and her faithful testimony of God’s grace!

    God is good…all the time!  Especially during our trials…and he certainly does bring beauty from the ashes.

    In His Love,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. So proud of you, Lynnette!  I canNOT wait to read this book (and winning a copy would be a bonus!).  

  6. God blessed us during the loss of our home (due to short sale) by drawing us closer to Him.  I would love to win a copy of Lynnette’s book.  Thank you!

  7. Carla Raley says:

    I would love to win this book.  I read the first one “In Faithfulness, He afflicted Me” and was very inspired by it.  I am a mother of ten children, seven biological, three adopted from the foster care system after my husband and I were 50 years old, and I have fostered more than 50 children over our 39 years of marriage.  My trial was the adoption of our first son – one caseworker was determined not to let us have him.  But all along, I felt God telling me that he was MINE, and one day at a court hearing, in a very, very surprising turn of events, the judge awarded him to us.  I had no idea when I walked in that day anything was going to happen except for a termination of parental rights hearing.  The child’s caseworker, who wanted us to adopt him, had other ideas, and when we left that day, it was with the blessing from the judge that he would be ours.  It was an amazing thing, and I will never forget what God did for us.  There have been many, many, other ways God has blessed us with the details of our lives, but that one will always stand out for me, because it seemed to go against all odds!

  8. Baseball Mom says:

    First of all, I have to give a big thank you to Lynnette & Courtney for writing “He Heard Hannah”. I have NEVER (did I say never loud enough) waited for a book to read. I can honestly say that I love to look at books on my shelf but I have been so excited for this book to come out. I can’t wait to get it in my hands. That will be one homeschooling vacation day (that will allow me to read).
    God has blessed me in SOOOOO many ways that it would be hard for any unbeliever to grasp it. The one time that I love sharing about is our biggest blessing, our son. He is adopted and we battled in court 2 days shy of 1 year. The birth father then signed his rights away giving the final detail of the adoption.  You see, God had intervened each time that the judge was to make a ruling and it kept getting rescheduled. When God gives you assurance of something, listen he play around and give false hope! The birth parents ended up pregnant with another boy and so that is when they signed final papers. It is so amazing to watch God at work. It is all in His timing and not our. We sometimes think that we have got a hold of the ordeal and then God shows us that without Him, it can be yanked away in a second. From the 1st minute of our son’s life we turned him over to God, and to this day God is a huge part of his life.

  9. Happy to meet you too. I have lupus, would love to hear more about your healing! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I too am looking forward to reading this book…I have followed Lynnette’s blog for a couple of years now and also read her first book.  I think that everyone has a story to tell…and that we go through trials for a reason.  A therapist once told me that I needed to use my story to make a difference and help others.  Not to hide behind our pain basically.  I have never lost a child (pray that I never do) but I do work with parents that have lost babies and have had other trauma in their lives.  I think that is what led me to Lynnette’s blog.  And I am glad that she so willingly shares her story so that we can see that there is hope.
    I know there was hope for me when my first husband became ill with a serious brain infection and that set us on a path where I was forced to raise three children by myself.  We survived by the power of Christ and that trial made me in to the person that I am today.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog too.

    • Yes, we all have a story and it is through sharing it that God can use it to make an impact on another’s life! Thanks for your comment!

  11. Sveta D. says:

    God has blessed me in so many ways. And especially this past year, I went through times of trials and had some joyous occasions too, but no matter what He never leaves! His unfailing love and grace is so amazing. I’ve heard of this book several times, and would love to win a copy!

  12. Barbara Truby says:

    Melissa I would love to win this book. As you know I’ve been through so much in the past years Lost way to many friends and my precious mother. I know god is looking out for my and my family I’ve seen it in so many ways. I have become a better person because of it.

  13. Melissa,
    Thank you so much for a beautiful review of He Heard Hannah.

  14. Wow. I love “coincidences”. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog and book review. I have been in a place of struggle with God as a dear friend and mentor of mine is dying of cancer. Many circumstances in his life have been less than fair since his diagnosis. Through it all, grace has carried him beautifully while I have been kicking and screaming to God because I don’t understand! I have been very self-centered through his illness. Thankfully God in his patience has been dealing with me on this and bringing this fact to my understanding. I have the “know-how” of how I am supposed to feel and react in situations such as these. The reality is, though, that I have been unwilling to surrender to God what is His and have been dealing with the mental torment that follows such distrust. I am reading this book! I am ready!

  15. saravdt says:

    would love to win this book i have dealt with losing friends one being my mother in law to cancer and 6 months later my grandfather and less than 6 months later miscarried so would love to win this book


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