Whitney Houston and my witness

If I made a soundtrack of my life many of the songs would be sung by Whitney Houston.

When I heard about her death I was saddened by the seeming waste of talent and the brevity of her life.

Then a picture started circling Facebook and I “liked’ it.

It was basically saying that Whitney died and the world mourns and contrasted it to the number of children that die of preventable illnesses everyday and why doesn’t the world mourn them?

I completely agreed {and still do} with the premise of the photo which is why my first reaction was to click “like”.

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Can I be real for a minute, friends?

Whitney Houston loved Jesus and more importantly, Jesus loved Whitney Houston.

And He loves each of those precious children around the world that perish each day.

This fallen world takes all.  Jesus mourns all.  He died for all.

Whitney Houston was a God fearing woman that battled against the enemy of her soul.

Did she win the fight?  Maybe not.  Did she lose the battle?  Only God knows.

However, in true God fashion, millions of people were hearing about Jesus when the internet and television was captivated by her funeral ceremony.

There was so much Jesus on mainstream TV that I am quite sure the angels in heaven were singing some Whitney Houston songs!

God works all things out for good.  I don’t need to take to Facebook and Twitter to spew my fleshly opinions {of which I have plenty}.  I was so convicted of the good coming from the tragedy of her death and how I had disparaged that by joining in.

Thank goodness the Jesus that loves Whitney loves me too.

And the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my Joy Dare journal}

~ watching Courageous with my family, thankful for my hubby

~ Bang Bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill

~ my girl is home!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ seeing Sweet Pea’s joy at her mama being home again

~ sitting fireside in the snow with my hubby while teen mama’s snow tube {and squeal}

~ hot pink gloves that keep my fingers warm

~ wonderful women {online and IRL} to share the Word with in weekly Bible study

~ the end of wrestling season {one less stop for the mom taxi}

~ the promise of I John 1:9

~ good reports at the dentist {no cavities for any of the kids}

What are you thankful for?

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