Sweet Tea, Lent and Gratitude

I’ve written about sweet tea before. It is funny how a drink can be fodder for so much growth and insight in my little ‘ole life.

I gave up sweet tea for the first week of Lent.

It has been more difficult than you would think.  {It’s only a dollar at Mickey D’s and often a pick me up during a long day}

Tea is always in our big gallon pitcher at home as well {sweetened with stevia, that is good stuff!}

I have been praying every time I go to the fridge to reach for it.  I have been amazed at how much more often I find myself talking to God throughout the day {almost embarrassing to admit}.

I am thankful for the small reminder that has impacted my life in a significant way this week.

Next week, I will be adding a category of food to my Lenten fast.  Dairy will probably be it, as I am a cheese lover!  We are approaching Lent a bit differently this year and focusing on a different area each week.  The hubby and I are adding the category to our fast while the kids are focusing on one thing each week.

Do you observe Lent?

It is rather new to me but a tradition I  look forward to each year as it truly is a time to grow closer to the God who sent His Son to save me.

Who would have thought that abstaining from sweet tea would bring me closer to God?

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my Joy Dare/gratitude journal}

~ unseasonably warm days, followed by biting cold days, a reminder that I am not in control

~ teen boys that still enjoy “playing” outdoors

~ re-prioritizing

~ the whole family pitching in to clean the house

~ relaxing in a clean house

~ friends that speak truth into my life

~ saying “I’m sorry” and hearing “it’s okay”

~ my durable mini-van {poor thing is neglected and needs washed/vacuumed badly}

~ hands raised in praise

~ 40 Days of Lent on my Youversion app

What are you thankful for?

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6 Responses to Sweet Tea, Lent and Gratitude

  1. Anonymous says:

    Friends speaking the truth are invaluable! Love your list!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello, Melissa, and thanks for visiting! I do observe Lent and every year He puts something different on my heart. I always draw closer to Him and humbly realize just how weak I am (sigh). I had to smile at your sweet tea; my husband and daughter love it, too. So nice to meet you!

  3. Your post inspired me to talk to my children about Lent… we have never practiced it before… although I am learning more about it… I love how giving up something that seems so simple can really turn our hearts and focus on the One Who gave everything for us… Thanks for this :)

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