Love is…

Love is…

watching your husband love on a baby, having opened his heart and life to the unexpected and embracing it for all it is worth.

Love is…

a teenager playing with a little cousin, making them laugh and admitting they had a good time, too.

Love is…

opening your heart and trusting God to give you enough love to go around to all those He gives you to love.

Love is…

accepting your body as the Temple in which He dwells and loving it accordingly.  Not in spite of the imperfections but because you are just who He created you to be, imperfections and all.

Love is….

cheering your son on in a sport that you do not understand and makes you cringe to watch.

Love is…

celebrating the moments, big and small, together.  Giving glory to the One that makes all things new!

Love is…

making the most of each moment with each child, even if it means milkshakes at McDonald’s on the way to church, just the two of you.

Love is…

cleaning up messes, overlooking grievances, appreciating the little things, making time for each other, valuing the ones God places in your life, letting go of hurts quickly, apologizing for inflicting hurts even more quickly and making every moment count.

Love is family.  Love is marriage.  Love is friends. Love is God, from Him and of Him.

Not chocolates or roses or fancy dinners.  Love is a choice we make everyday to value the people in our lives more than we value ourselves.

What is love to you?

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  1. Muthering Heights says:

    Yes, it sure is!  What a wonderful picture you’ve painted of love!

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