God is too good to me

One of my very best friends moved away in 2005.  We stayed in touch but lost the closeness we had once shared.

Her daughter, whom I love like my own, went through a very difficult time while they were away.

Back in November, God brought my friend back to me, back to this area and back in our daily lives.  It is like she never left.  God is too good to me.

Then, yesterday, her daughter went under the water and emerged my sister in Christ.

I would not have missed that moment for the world.  I was there when she invited Jesus in to her heart and I was there when she made that public declaration through baptism yesterday.  God is too good to me.

When she came up from the water in the baptistry, she gave the thumbs up sign and I whispered, “It’s a God thing” through my tears.

God is too good to me.

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpted from my Joy Dare journal}

~  gloves and a coat on a colder than cold day

~  potluck supper with friends, new and old

~  counting down on one hand the days till my girl is home again

~  clear nail polish

~  a family that appreciates a home made meal

~  grace as a I unfurl my hand from commitments that aren’t God’s best for me right now

~  God whispering confirmation in my ear when I need it most

~  pink, furry socks that keep my toes warm on a cold night

~  the words of my son “I need to pray about that”

~  text messages from my hubby

What are you thankful for?


  1. Positively Alene says:

    God whispering confirmation in my ear when I need it most – what an awesome gift and treasure! God is so good to us. He not only blesses, but gives us immeasurably more. Blessings from the Joy Dare.


    • I want to finish my thugoht here. If God treated us fairly Jesus would have never died on the cross. and we would have never been offered salvation. I praise God that He loves me, He never fails me and He goes to plan B and on. Look ho w He blessed Israel, they sinned and went away from God countless times, but He was faithful and loved them any way. Romans 5:8 But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were sinners Christ died for us. Praise be to God!

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