That’s What Love is for

I braid the rope together.

It may seem like a peculiar birthday gift but to an 11 year old with down syndrome it will be well received.

“string” as he knows it brings comfort and calm to a world that is often overstimulating and overwhelming.

Lupus shoots fiery darts of inflammation and pain into the joints of my hands as I braid, but I don’t stop.

Love hurts sometimes and this is a gift infused with love.

This special little guy is the brother to my daughter.

Only God, through His Love, could bring me the daughter I prayed for AND provide a sweet boy with a special chromosome for me to love too.

{You know if you have spent any time here before that children with special needs have their own place in my heart}

God injects unexpected joys into our lives, if we are open to seeing them as such.

A friendship woven by love and His design takes me by surprise.

She thanks me for throwing a birthday party for her boy.  I thank her for the privilege.

She asks for a picture together and my heart is heavy with the joy of the moment.

We are mama’s of the same daughter.  We are daughters of the same Father.

I stand in awe of God’s redemptive power once again.

and the counting of gifts continues…. {excerpts from my Joy Dare journal}

~ miracles of love evident

~ a job, a car and a house for my sweet friend, such an answer to prayer {God was showing off this week!}

~ a belated birthday gift from a Titus 2 type of friend that brought tears to my eyes {she remembered}

~ playing catch {over and over} with my fur baby, Chloe

~  counting down the days until Shayla and Jason are home again

~ clarity and the letting go of things that are not God’s best for my life

~ holding hands with my hubby as we walk into the gym to watch our son wrestle

~ confirmation of His call that comes in all forms and speaks straight to my heart

~ Sweet Pea patting my back and saying “awww”

~ new girls every day introduced to God through YoungLives

What are you thankful for?

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