Sneaking off with the hubby

I tend to over commit.  Bite off more than I can {or should} chew.  Friends mumble something about a penchant for self destruction?

I know, I know.  Big surprise, right?

Maybe I am reveling in the fire of a brand new calendar.  Maybe I am tortured by regret.  Maybe I just need a break.

For Christmas/my birthday present, the hubby and I are sneaking away for a few days this weekend.  We aren’t going terribly far but far enough.  We have no set agenda, just a great list of cheap to free things to do in a town I enjoy.  Reservations at a plush hotel with a soaking tub.  Can I get an amen?

I could not be more excited {nor more thankful for the brave friend that is going to chaperone and chauffeur two of my teenagers around while running after Sweet Pea}!!!

Excursions like this, the anticipation of time alone with the man I love, remind me why such events are necessary for a healthy relationship.

  • Couples need time to reconnect. We will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in July and I could not be happier that I married Michael Smallwood.  But sometimes, we need time to remember those little things that brought us together in the first place.  Time that is not easily found amidst the hustle and bustle of raising kids, juggling work and ministry and…..time together is sacred.  Time to let our breath find the same rhythm.  Time to talk about something other than the bills, the kids, the car or the dog. Time to be together.
  • Couples need to have fun together.  Mike and I love to ride his motorcycle {although this outing is happening in January so no Harley riding}.  That is typically our default get away, even if it is just up the road to get ice cream.  With my knee injury and subsequent surgery/rehabilitation last year, our little getaways were stunted.  I am looking forward to laughing at his jokes, being silly “tourists” and enjoying time with my hubby.
  • Couples need to unplug. {particularly this half of the couple}.  I am not taking my laptop and have agreed to *gasp* turn off my iPhone {except to take silly “tourist” pictures}.  Mike will have his non-smart phone in case of emergencies but there will be no Pinterest, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Words with Friends, no blogging.  He wants time with me where I am not distracted by social media or work.  And, whether I want to admit it or not, I need that time too.
  • Couples need to make their marriage a priority.  Two of our kids have started to depart from the nest.  The two younger ones will be in college in less than four years.  Pretty soon it will just be the two of us {it pains me as a mama to even type that sentence}.  If we don’t remain connected, in love and able to enjoy each others company, where will we be with an empty nest?  I am not one of those mama’s that is counting down the days till the kids grow up.  Although, I did discover today that I could be one of those mama’s if Mike keeps dangling redecorating the house and unlimited access to Pier One as shiny objects for the future 🙂  Our marriage has to be important enough to both of us to grow and change together, rather than apart.
  • Couples need to set an example.  I wrote about how marriage is a testimony.  And, it is.  Our marriage weaves a tapestry in the hearts and minds of our children.  It paints a picture.  I want it to paint a picture of God’s design and the beautiful mess that marriage is.  It is vital to send the message to our kids {and the world} that we matter to each other.  That we believe our union is worth setting time and money aside for, investing our energy in.  Sometimes, we need to be reminded of that too.

So, we are going away for a few days.  I will turn 33 in the arms of my husband and blow out the candles of another year with the one I will spend the rest of my years with.

Have you managed to steal time away with your spouse recently?

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