Quality Time

The hubby and I are back from celebrating my birthday weekend in one of my favorite cities, Baltimore.

I am a Maryland girl and few things make me happier than the Chesapeake Bay

The Inner Harbor at sunset

We spent an afternoon at the Baltimore Museum of Art {one of the top ten museums in the country!}. I could go there a million times and not be bored.  Then we had a fabulous dinner {broiled scallops with crab imperial} at Phillip’s {a well known seafood restaurant in Maryland}. The restaurant has relocated to the old power plant and the ambiance is neat.  Tin ceiling tiles and the like.

Then we perused the bookstore {another of my favorite things to do}.  I bought the latest Jodi Picoult novel with my gift card.

We got dessert to go here

Need I say more?

Then joined my grandparents for a birthday brunch at Petit Louis Bistro on Roland Ave. the next day. Divine!

Time away with my hubby, visiting my favorite haunts and celebrating another year of life….it was a perfect weekend!

and the counting of gifts continues~

~ ringing in the New Year with friends

~ breakfast at Waffle House before Shayla boarded the bus back to school

~ discovering new features of my iPhone 4s

~ holding hands with my hubby in the art museum

~ friends that watch kids so couples can have alone time {thanks, Kenya!}

~ a ministry partner and friend that gets me and loves me anyway

~ Reese’s Cup cheesecake

~ passion fruit sorbet with a candle in it

~ remembering where true treasure lies (Matthew 6:19-21}

~ writing New Year goals with the hubby {and being on the same page}

What are you thankful for?

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