Not a roller coaster girl

I don’t like roller coasters.

I prefer not to be surprised.

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I wouldn’t categorize myself as an adventurous gal.

But, God would.

Everyday life with Jesus is an adventure.  I don’t know what He will ask of me from moment to moment, yet my heart needs to remain open and flexible to His call.  I don’t know how my faith walk will stretch me from my fleshly comfort zone, yet I need to be pliable in the Potter’s hands.

I desire control.  I desire consistency and most of all, I desire safety and comfort.

Thankfully, Jesus takes the desires of my heart and conforms them with His.

When I walk in surrender to Him, safety and comfort come from walking with Him no matter the external circumstance.  And, control?  He never desired for me to have that in the first place.

Living the adventurous life of a surrendered believer is scary at times, like sitting at the top of a roller coaster, knowing you are about to hurtle down much faster than you would like.  But, when I look back on the happiest and most fulfilling times (and days) of my life they are all associated with being right in the center of God’s will.

Maybe I am an adventurous girl after all.

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  1. Roller coasters are awesome! Just sit back and enjoy the ride especially knowing that God is in the control booth! 🙂

  2. I love roller coasters!  The faster the better.  I will have to say the first time I rode one I thought I was going to die!

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