I am…

I am….. a child of the Most High King.
I want….. to wake up with no pain, just one morning.
I have….. to laugh at the antics of my teenagers so I don’t scream.
I wish….. we had a maid.
I hate….. injustice.
I miss….. my kids being little.
I fear….. losing my husband.
I feel….. content with my blessed life.
I hear….. my fur baby jumping up and down in her crate.
I smell….. fresh coffee brewing.
I crave….. quiet, still moments with God.
I search….. for good books.
I wonder….. what God has in store for our lives this year.
I regret….. that I didn’t take better care of myself last year and vow to be different this year.
I love….. to curl up with a good book and a mug of hot tea.
I ache….. when I see children that don’t have families.
I care….. less and less what others think and more and more what Jesus thinks.
I always….. want to be the best wife and mom I can be.
I am not….. going to put anything, including ministry, before my relationship with God and caring for my family.
I believe….. that apart from Christ I can do nothing.
I dance…..like a white girl and never in public.
I sing….. whenever I can!
I cry….. at happy endings, out of frustration and more than I used to.
I don’t always….. take the time to inquire of God before I make a decision (I’m working on that)
I fight….. for what is right.
I write….. because I don’t know how not to.  Writing is like breathing to me.
I never…. thought I would be a Mimi at my age.
I listen….. for those sacred echoes, that God whispers in my life.
I need….. a maid.
I am happy….. for each moment God chooses to bless me with.

I found this meme at Chrysalis.  What a neat way to share what is on my heart.

I would love for you to pick a prompt or two and answer in the comments so I can know what is on your heart and mind today!

and the counting of gifts {excerpts from the joy dare for 2012} continues:

440~ each day is a precious, unrepeatable gift (Sarah Young)

441~ I Peter 2:21- To this I am called

442~ gummy cola bottles that bring back childhood memories- pleasant ones.

443~ toffee almond creamer in my hazelnut coffee

444~ a husband that takes excellent care of me when I am not feeling well

445~ Mary Kay lip gloss

446~ steaming shower with smell good body wash

447~ talking to my soldier on the phone once {sometimes twice!} a week

448~ reliable transportation

449~ birthday gifts straight from the heart of sweet friends

6 Responses to I am…

  1. Nellie says:

    beautiful! I second the steaming shower!

  2. Prudence says:

    I fear….. losing my husband.

    I fear this too.  In so many different ways. 

    446~ steaming shower with smell good body wash

    This is am amazing gift.  Ahhhhh.  I currently have peppermint body wash, & lavender/peppermint conditioner.  My showers smell amazing!!!!  I think I have a gift for next week. 😀

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Holly says:

    My biggest fear is losing my husband as well- we must stop thinking that way but so hard to train your mind right?

    Here are some of my thoughts and what is in my heart right now…
    I always….. thank God
    I am not….. a calm person
    I believe….. if you do the right thing, the rest will fall into place
    I sing….
    in the car
    I don’t always….. think positively
    I write…. because it is therapeutic and the only way I can truly show my feelingsI never…. iron
    I am happy…..because of my hubby and family

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