Wants versus Needs

I want to get the packages in my van mailed to my family before Christmas.  I need to spend time in the Word.

I want to reflect on Advent every night with our boys.  I need to communicate His story through the way I live my life.

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I want to make it to the practices and sing at our Christmas Eve service at church.  I need to praise Him in the everyday moments, not just the special occasions.

I want to put all the laundry {that is literally crawling to the ceiling in my bedroom} away.  I need to rest.

I want to make all the hurt in the world go away.  I need to recognize my limits.

I want to write eloquent and touching blog posts.  I need to write the articles I have committed to before the deadlines.

I want to enjoy the holiday season.  I need to enjoy every season.

I want to mail my Christmas cards {and cheesy Christmas letter} before New Year’s.  I need to pick up the phone and call my loved ones.

I want to sleep without pain.  I need to slow down so my body can too.

I want to want less.  I need to want More.

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