Marriage as a testimony

{an edited post from the archives as I spend Christmas break with my family}

I am going to take the boys and pick up Sweet Pea.  See you when you get home.  Drive careful“.

His lips brushed my forehead and he headed out of the lodge with our three sons in tow.  All four of them had rosy cheeks from the windy night of snow tubing we had just enjoyed.

I had a van full of teen moms to chauffeur home so I waved at my hubby and smiled at my boys as they piled into our car.

“How long have you been married?” she asked. “You make it look so easy.”

The first part of the comment was not hard to answer.  I’ve been married since I was eighteen.

But, easy?


I prayed a silent prayer before I answered her question and addressed the questioning in her eyes.

Well, we have been  married for almost 14 years”, I replied.  “And it isn’t ever easy but it has gotten easier over time.”

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I was able to take a few moments and explain how our marriage was difficult with a capital D for the first few years.  I brought a lifetime’s worth of baggage and he had his fair share as well.

But, God.

I was saved 2 years after we got married and my husband the following year.  We can look back now and see that the condition of our marriage is directly correlated to whether we allowed God into the equation.

We ended the conversation with her saying she hoped that kind of love was out there for her.

Our brief conversation was an eye opener to me. The world is watching how we, as believers, handle our marriages.

Each and every day I have a choice.  To just go with the flow and see how things turn out or to purpose in my heart to be the wife God created me to be and tap into the strength available through Him to do so.

I don’t often view my marriage as a testimony but it is. I should.

Daily, my children and the girls I work with are looking to see if this love thing, the way God designed for it to be, is real.  Can two people make it work for the long haul?

I am so thankful that my eyes were opened to this reality.

My marriage is speaking to hearts… the question is, do I like what it says?

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  1. Ellen TCMom says:

    Great post and it is so true, I am always conscious of how my marriage and my life speak to others I try to be  witness with my actions.

  2. What a great post Melissa…going to share this entry with someone special.


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