Tough Love

There once was a girl that wanted to save the world.

She had felt searing pain and known heartache so deep that recovery seemed impossible.

The desire to shelter others from feeling that way turned into a slight obsession “calling”.

She was doing good things in the name of her faith and her heart cried compassion.

Listen, Understand, Act

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She became a fixer.

She did and did and did and helped and helped and helped.

She also hurt {her family, her finances, her health} and fell short all.the.time.

God whispered to her heart and she slowly unfurled the fingers of control and said yes to loving and giving from His heart rather than hers.

And, ministry, serving, loving looked different.

She knew she was changing but did not realize how much until she was able to tell a person in need that she could not help them.  She could not fix the situation they had created.

That may seem mean.  It may seem harsh.  It may seem heartless.

But, she as she conversed with this person and prayed about how to respond, God whispered, “I need her to go through this valley to find her way to Me, stay out of the way“.

This time the girl listened.

And,  she felt free.

Do not commit the error, common among the young, of assuming that if you cannot save the whole of mankind you have failed.  ~Jan de Hartog, The Lamb’s War

Enhanced by ZemantaIt is Monday and therefore the counting of gifts continues {#391-400}
~  a true Sabbath rest, so desperately needed and good for mind, body and soul
~  Christmas lights twinkling as I drive to pick up Jared from wrestling
~  homemade chili and cornbread {instead of Thanksgiving leftovers for another night}
~  pumpkin pie with whipped topping
~  cuddling with Shayla while she was home on Thanksgiving break
~  watching Sweet Pea cuddle with her mama while she was home on Thanksgiving break
~  breaking out the Christmas decorations
~  pictures from Jason in his army uniform, looking grown-up and handsome
~  Words with Friends app on my phone
~  friends that let me come over to cry and vent and laugh {all in the same night}

What are you thankful for?

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